Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Part 2. France to Finland

Well here's my second post. Since I last posted, I have been through many countries and experienced some great hospitality and friendliness. The weather has been unbelievably good, and every day I wonder how long it will last. As one Danish lady put it, the “Angels are following you”.

Anyway, enough BS from me. Here's the next batch of piccies.

I stopped at another bike camp in France. My hosts, Jos and Anselma. I think the Dutch have invaded and occupied nearly all of France

I rode through Germany and stopped at many historic towns like this one. Don't ask me where it is ok!!??

I spent a couple of days riding the roads in the Eifel region of Germany. Even got to take a tour of Nurburgring race track

Heading east through Germany, I followed the Rhine(Rhein) River. Very pretty with a castle at every bend

Crossed the Rhine by ferry

I attended the Horizons Unlimited German meeting. We camped in a horse paddock. Nothing like the smell of horse poo first thing in the morning!! Makes the coffee taste great!

The Man himself!! Grant Johnson, who with his wife Susan, started the HU mob

Made it all the way to the top of Germany. Stopped at the seaside resort of Warnemunde- very touristy. Cost me eight bucks for a cup of coffee!

I went up the west coast of Denmark and stopped at Ribe. Here's the demonstration I was caught up in- Kindergarten teachers on strike for more pay. Scary stuff!! They were handing out cookies and juice to everyone.

On my way through Denmark, I stopped for fuel and some lunch. A Danish bloke came up to me and chatted for a while. Some way down the road, I had to stop and pay a toll for crossing the big bridge near Copenhagen. Who was waiting for me? The same bloke. His name was Jens and he invited me to stay with his family for a few days. What a great thing to do. I had three wonderful days with them and will always be extemely grateful. Danish BBQs rock!!! Thanks very much Jens and Anna.

Jens, Anna and Elias, my hosts in Copenhagen. Young Noah was away playing with his mates

Saw The Little Mermaid amongst other things

I then travelled to Sweden and sort of meandered around. Lots of lakes and forest.

The sunset at Mariestad, This picture was taken at about 11p.m.

On my way north through Sweden, I came acoss the biggest rapids I have EVER seen!! How big is this?? Imagine rafting down that. They are called Storforsen

Eventually made it to The Arctic Circle. A bit brisk up here!

Typical Arctic road. Note the snow on the mountains. There were piles of dirty snow where the sun didn't reach

I saw quite a few wild reindeer. Managed to photograph these ones before they ran off. I Tried to get to see Santa but he's away on his summer holidays.

I worked my way down Finland(even more lakes and forests!) and visited my long lost rellies on an island called Norrskata, which is a part of the Archipelago. This is the cottage that they kindly put me up in for my stay. Absolute magic!

I then travelled to another island called SommerI and met more rellies. This id Jarl, Anne-Mari and Sixten.

Fishing for dinner with the pysslings, Kristofer and Sebastian

I am still in Finland at the moment waiting for my bike rego to arrive. Until hen, enjoy the piccies and I let you know when the next update arrives.

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