Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hittin' the Road

My Blog

Well I promised that I would at least try and create a blog to let those who are interested to follow my dream- to ride a motorcycle from the UK all the way back to Australia. So, here goes!

I decided to follow my dream sometime back in 2007. After deciding when to go, the pressure was on to get prepared. Luckily for me, the website, was invaluable in helping me. I gleaned as much information as possible then decided on a route.

I decided to ship my bike to the UK and ride it back rather than do it the other way around because it would be easier to follow the seasons. I will be in Europe in summer and then in Asia without the monsoon. he hottest weather should be while I am travelling through he Balkans but I am not expecting it to be too uncomfortable.

I am not going to be doing much writing in this blog, but intend to post a few pictures along with a few words to explain the pictures. For those of you who want to, here we go-------

At the airport-Linda, Paul and Tyron were kind enough to see me off- or maybe they were making sure that I didn't change my mind!!

Stopover in Dubai- I must have been crazy!!

Being wooed by a bellydancer- I wish!!

10 Days in London- I definitely WAS crazy!!!

I spent 10 days in London and surrounds before travelling by train to Felixstowe. My cousin Tim and his family were kind enough to put up with me for a few days before I headed up north. Thanks Tim and Sanet!

Unloading the bike at Felixstowe- The juices were starting to flow after not having ridden for more than two months

Ready to roll- Outside the guesthouse at Felixstowe

A field somewhere in the Somme.

Mistake No. 1- I caught the Chunnel train at 6p.m not realising that france was an hour ahead- AND it was a public holiday so every hotel and campground was fully booked!! I eventually found a hotel at about 11p.m which cost me 2 days of my budget!!

Luckily the next day a French campground owner kindly rented me a palace- at 4 Euros a night. I stayed 2 nights at St. Valery-sur-Somme.

Checked out the WW1 monuments

On my way south I decided to see Le Mont St. Michel but hordes of tourists so just took a picture from the highway.

American cemetery at Normandy

I then headed for the Dordogne and discovered “Moto camps”. These are campgrounds/hotels that are dedicated to motocycle travellers.

My cabin at Camping Moto Dordogne

Some of the guys at the Dordogne

My hosts at Camping Moto Dordogne- Renske and Pieter. I was originally intending to stay one night- ended up ther for 5 nights then still didn't want to leave!!

Did the touristy thing and checked out prehistoric caves in the area. There are heaps of them.

Eventually left the Dordogne with m new friend Igor and headed south. We stopped to see the Millau Bridge- quite a sight.

Igor ready to leave. We parted ways and I headed north.